Planning & Execution Software for Global Growth
"COMPAS is not about entering more countries, but building defensible leadership in the right ones"
- Tim Taylor, CEO, VAS
"COMPAS provides us with the rigor to manage the ambiguities that come with growing globally"
- Denis Maia, CEO & Chairman, Choice
"COMPAS is the playbook to global success"
- Manish Sood, CEO, Reltio
"COMPAS helps to navigate the global opportunity with a profitable and sustainable business model"
- Greg Munves, President, 1010data
"Working with COMPAS is like having the ‘NBA All-Stars’ but for B2B SaaS on your team."
- Eduardo Henrique, Co-founder, Movile
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Operational Progress

Empowering B2B SaaS Companies to Win Globally

The COMPAS suite of software tools gives your B2B SaaS company a proven framework to deliver global results. Each tool is designed to help you drive, collaborate on and visualize your global execution across all functional and geographic areas.

Global Growth Tools

Readiness Stamp Readiness

Assess and drive operational readiness across all functions.

Global Growth Tools

Tracker Stamp Tracker

Monitor progress and execution of clusters and/or countries.

Global Growth Tools

Operational Progress Stamp Operational Progress

Drive cross-functional actions and resolution accountibility.

Global Growth Tools

Readiness Stamp Atlas

Prioritize revenue clusters and/or countries and collect intelligence.

“Our B2B SaaS solution has been global from Day 1, how does COMPAS help us with our global growth?”

  • Playbook

    Provide structure to drive collaboration and alignment across all functions and regions

  • Execution

    Optimize your resources through operational rigor and discipline

  • Visualization

    Ensure clarity and simplicity for staying up to date and making decisions

  • Best Practices

    Equip your team with global domain expertise and benchmark data

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Our Background

Globapreneurs & Citizens of the world

JD, Yin, Crlos and Wilson
JD, Yin, Carlos and Wilson

We have spent our careers building global businesses for leading technology companies, one at a time. Now, we bring our experience into the COMPAS software tools so our customers can leverage it 24/7 to accelerate global success and avoid the mistakes we made.

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Average languages spoken per employee
1st Generation immigrants & part of cross-cultural marriages